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Next Meeting:

The next YEN meeting takes place on Thursday, November 13th at 9:00 am. at

The John Howard Society
654 Barton St. East
Hamilton, Ontario
L8L 3A2.

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How Do I Join?

Review the information below and email YEN.

Get Involved

Have an interest in Hamilton youth employment issues? YEN needs you! There are many ways to become involved in the iniatiatives of the network. Become a member, attend an upcoming YEN sponsored event, or lend your expertise by joining one of the working groups. Any contribution of time, energy, and knowledge are most welcomed and appreciated!


The Youth Employment Network (YEN) works with community partners to identify, initiate and implement innovative solutions to put ideas and young people to work.

Membership: YEN is open to a diverse cross-section of organizations who serve young people and who are dedicated to addressing youth employment issues.  These organizations must be funded in part, or in whole, by government.

Members can also be individuals who offer free employment services to youth.  These members are admitted to YEN at the discretion of the membership committee.

Membership Fees:

Members ($35 for organizations / $20 for individual)
  • Must attend 70% of bi-monthly YEN meetings
  • Must be an active member of at least one working group and attend 70% of working group meetings
  • Are expected to support YEN and its members through attendance at YEN member events whenever possible
  • Are expected to take their turn at recording the minutes of bi-monthly meetings
Advantages of membership:
  • Promotional opportunities – credit for the organization/ individual on print and electronic materials
  • Invitations to community events
  • Networking
  • Community involvement
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Access to meeting agendas and minutes
  • Kept up-to-date regarding local youth employment initiatives


There is a nominal annual fee for members of $30 for organizations or $15 for individuals. Fees are due by September 1 each year. Monies collected will be used for YEN activities such as communications (website, voicemail, email, etc.) to increase YEN’s physical presence in the community. There is no annual fee for Associate Membership.

Terms of Reference

  • We vote for: August leadership elections, membership fees, use of funds, non-confidence in leadership
  • Terms of reference and framework will be reviewed annually at our August meeting
  • Membership fees will be reviewed and voted on annually at the August meeting
  • Must be a member in good standing for six (6) months before having the right to vote
  • The Treasurer will be responsible for monitoring membership requirements to ensure that members are in good standing
  • The Chair will be responsible for addressing any arising membership issues
  • While fees remain nominal, YEN’s funds will potentially involve annual strategic planning and budgeting at a later date
  • AGM will take place annually in late July/early August
  • One vote per paid membership.  An individual cannot hold both agency and individual membership.  One agency membership per organization will be allowed.  Individual members do not represent any organization.
  • Members can resign at any time with written notice to the committee.  Any fees paid for that year will be retained by YEN.
  • At our August meeting, members will discuss directions for the following year
  • There will be two signing officers, Chair and Treasurer
  • The Vice-Chair will be responsible for leading the AGM Planning Group for the year’s AGM
  • Leadership positions rest with the individual, not the organization
  • If Chair leaves before the end of his/her term, the Vice-Chair will assume the role until the end of the term.  If the end of the term is six months or more away, the Vice-Chair can call elections for a new Chair

YEN Leadership

YEN’s leadership team will consist of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Working Group Leaders.  Minutes will be taken on a rotating basis.

Incumbents will be “elected” on an annual basis.  “Elections” will take place in August and the “new” incumbent will start in the role in September.  In July, each incumbent will be asked if he or she wishes to continue in the role.  All members will then have the opportunity to declare their interest in running for a particular role.  If more than one candidate indicates interest in a position, election by majority vote will occur at the August meeting.


  • Schedule and chair bi-monthly meetings
  • Create agendas, including sending out calls for agenda items
  • Ensure working groups move forward on projects
  • Represent YEN at events as requested

  • Support Chair as needed in decision making process
  • Chair bi-monthly meetings if Chair unavailable
  • Represent YEN at events as requested

  • Collect membership fees
  • Banking
  • Maintain membership lists

Working Group Leaders
  • Prepare funding proposals and reports as required
  • Schedule and chair working group meetings
  • Create agendas
  • Take minutes or assign task to group member
  • Ensure project work is completed
  • Report to YEN on group progress at monthly meetings

Yen Annual Cycle

YEN's annual cycle will run from September 1 to August 31. Memberships will be renewed annually.